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How Capture Your Flag Innovates Online Career Education

A next-generation career and life learning resource for smart, ambitious students and professionals, Capture Your Flag is a knowledge video library created from a repeating annual documentary interview series.  The series follows the career and life twists and turns of select up and coming leaders from varied educational, geographical, and professional backgrounds.  It is designed to facilitate knowledge transfer from rising leaders to future generations on the approaches, challenges, and possibilities that play into the path to finding purpose and fulfillment.  Each video interview is a single question and answer that is categorized & curated into learning modules by aspirational career theme and industry.  The interview style is inspired by Charlie Rose.

Capture Your Flag's repeating nature is inspired by the documentary program known as the "Up Series" that began in 1964 and continues today.  Capture Your Flag updates create a year-over-year, longitudinal education experience to showcase how aspirational careers actually develop. The resulting Near Peer Learning experience complements peer learning & expert learning, effectively filling in the gap in between both with a series of plot points on the path from mid-20s to early 50s.